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word of the day :: atomy

atomy: [at–uh-mee] –noun, Plural, mies. 1. an atom; mote. 2. a small creature; pygmy. Origin: 1585-95; sing. use of L. atomī, pl. of atomos atom “Eyes that are the frail’st and softest things, Who shut their coward gates on atomies.” … Continue reading

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word of the day :: alack

alack: [uh lack] –interjection Archaic. (used as an exclamation of sorrow, regret, or dismay.) Origin: presumably ah + lack. Cf. aha, ahem, alas “Alack, when once our grace we have forgot, Nothing goes right; we would, and we would not.“ … Continue reading

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from Will

“When words are scarce they are seldom spent in vain.” ~William Shakespeare~ (King Richard II)

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