word of the day :: sojourn

[n. soh-jurn; v. soh-jurn, soh-jurn]

1. a temporary stay: during his sojourn in Paris.

-verb (used without object)
2. to stay for a time in a place; live temporarily: to sojourn on the Riviera for two months.

1200-50; (v.) Middle English sojurnen < Old French sojorner to rest, stay < Vulgar Latin
subdiurnāre, equivalent to Latin sub- sub-  diurn ( us ) of a day + -āre infinitive suffix; (noun) Middle English sojourne < Old French sojorn, derivative of the v.; see journey

“Father Latour judged that, just as it was the white man’s way to assert himself in any landscape, to change it, make it over a little (at least to leave some mark of memorial of his sojourn), it was the Indian’s way to pass through a country without disturbing anything; to pass and leave no trace, like fish through the water, or birds through the air.
It was the Indian manner to vanish into the landscape, not to stand out against it.”

~ Willa Cather ~
U. S. novelist
Jean Marie Latour, in Death Comes for the Archbishop


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