cultivate and appreciate

Yesterday I went to The Getty Center in Los Angeles. I have lived in San Diego for four years now and always wanted to go and somehow just never made it happen. May’s Love Yourself theme is cultivate and I thought the perfect way to honor it was to visit a museum. There are a lot of museums in San Diego that I haven’t been to, but The Getty was calling my name.

So I called up my mom, and a few friends, and we went. And you know what the best thing about The Getty Center is? It’s FREE! Oh, and also beautiful. And inspiring. And very cool. Seriously, the grounds alone are worth the visit. Such amazing architecture and symmetry. The day was gorgeous. The art was great. The restaurant was yummy. The garden was stunning.

This piece was one of my favorites.

Alma Tadema - Spring

Takeaway for the day: Go to a museum. And it doesn’t have to be an art museum. Find a place that will interest, intrigue, and inspire you, and just go. Cultivate.


About Stephanie Carbajal

Creative freelancer living, working, and playing in the Pacific Northwest.
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  1. Omigosh!!!! The Tadema one was my favorite, too! I looked it up this morning on the museum store to order it.

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