10 Pretty Darn Awesome Times to be Single

{a female perspective}

1. When an amazing job opportunity comes up in another city/state/country, and you can apply without worrying about your relationship.

2. When you realize how lucky you are to be there for every family celebration, event, or gathering, because you don’t have to split your time between two families.

3. When it’s Friday night and all you want to do after work is go home, change into your pajamas, eat a bowl of popcorn for dinner, watch a chick flick, and go to bed early.

4. When your friend describes the latest argument or drama in their relationship, and you think how glad you are it’s not you.

5. When the cute, respectful stranger (not to be confused with HitMan [see previous post]) compliments you, thus buoying your confidence that any guy (not every guy) would be lucky to have you.

6. When you successfully complete a “man’s job” without the help of any man at all…except the one at AutoZone/Home Depot who helped you find the part you needed.

7. When you don’t feel like shaving your legs.

8. When you’re able to say “yes” to every outing or get-together with your friends. Because your time? It’s all yours…

9. When the whole weekend lies ahead of you and you can do anything you darn well please. Whatever you want.

10. When you think about the unknown future, and the excitement of knowing that Mr. Right could be right around the corner. Standing next to HitMan in the frozen food aisle.

When are (or were) you happiest to be solo?

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About Stephanie Carbajal

Creative freelancer living, working, and playing in the Pacific Northwest.
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2 Responses to 10 Pretty Darn Awesome Times to be Single

  1. Sonja says:

    11. Completely nerd-ing out over something that another 1/2 of a relationship probably won’t care as much about. i.e. All the Twilight books, an obscure band with a cute guitarist, Star Wars paraphernalia/conventions, a grammar book that’s HILARIOUS.

    12. Spontaneity, and being able to change your mind (about even important things) instantly.

    13. Health insurance is so much cheaper if you’re single than if you’re on a family plan.

    14. Going on a cell phone’s family plan with a group of friends.

    15. Flirting back with no guilt even if it’s pointless–at the return counter, with your waiter, in line, at a coffeeshop.

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