the One a Day project

I am two weeks in to my One a Day project. The One a Day project is something I had been thinking about for a while. I always felt kinda guilty when people would ask how my writing was coming along…and my answer was inevitably that it wasn’t coming along at all.

It’s not that I didn’t WANT to write. I did. But it felt like so much work and time. I work full time, and most nights the last thing I want to do when I get home is sit back down at another computer. No! I want to do yoga. And cook dinner with real ingredients. And read books. Sometimes I like to watch TV. And sleep. Yes, sleep is good.

I decided I should consider committing myself to write just ONE sentence a day. Because, really, one sentence a day is better than none at all. If my only commitment was to write one sentence, then I wouldn’t feel like I had to give up anything else to squeeze in writing time. If one sentence was all I wrote, then the goal was met. If I happened to write more than one sentence…well that’s just bonus!

I had been mentioning this One a Day idea to folks for several months. Everyone thought it was a great idea, but I never took the plunge to actually implement it. Silly, I know. November is National Novel Writing Month, and while I am NOT writing an entire novel, this month, I decided November 1 was as good a day as any to FINALLY start the One a Day project. So far I have not missed any days! That means I have written at least fourteen sentences–and that is a lot in two weeks considering I probably didn’t write any for most of the year.

My current Work in Progress (WIP) is the novel that I started for my senior capstone project in college. Yes, it is almost five years old. I would really like to finish it so I can start on some other ideas I have.

The tricky part about One a Day will be keeping on top of it during trips and holidays. For example, this coming week I’m going to Philadelphia for work. I’ll be gone Tuesday through Sunday. I probably won’t post One a Day every day…but that doesn’t mean I can’t WRITE them! I am going to try to Tweet one sentence a day, via the application on my phone. When I return home next Sunday, I’ll post all the sentences together. Even if I have to write one tiny three word sentence on the back of a cocktail napkin, I will consider that a success. Writing is writing, and it doesn’t matter where you are or what your medium is.

So, cheers to writing!


About Stephanie Carbajal

Creative freelancer living, working, and playing in the Pacific Northwest.
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