review :: Summer Crossing

Summer Crossing :: Truman Capote

Summer Crossing is a book I have had on my bookshelf for years after I my aunt gave me her duplicate copy. In between book club books, I needed a short read. So I picked up Summer Crossing, not having read any of Capote’s other works. I didn’t realize until after I had finished that the book was the first novel he wrote–although the last to be published.

Truman Capote is a great writer. Even this first book, which the author himself abandoned at one point in time, showcases his talent. I did not love the story, but it was intriguing. It’s coming-of-age, meets class-conflict, meets love story meets tragic ending. And all in just six chapters.

The main character, Grady McNeil, reminds me, in some ways, of Undine Spragg in Wharton’s The Custom of the Country. You can just see the irrevocable spiraling out of control in her decisions and choices during a whirlwind summer.

The ending is abrupt and leaves one wondering. I can’t help but think what Capote may have changed and added had he had the change to truly revise and refine the story before his death.

All in all I enjoyed the writing style and voice and liked it well enough to read some of his more well-known works in the future.


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