word of the day :: buffoonery

[ buhfoon ]

1. a person who amuses others by tricks, jokes, odd gestures and postures, etc.
2. a person given to coarse or undignified joking.
1540-50; earlier buffon < F < It buffone, equiv. to buff- (expressive base; cf. buffa puff of breath, buffare to puff, puff up one’s checks) + -one agent suffixL -ō, acc. -ōnem
-Related Forms
buff·foon·er·y [buhfoo-nuh-ree] , noun

There are ancient and modern poems which breathe, in their entirety and in every detail, the divine breath of irony. In such poems there lives a real transcendental buffoonery.
:: Friedrich von Schlegel ::

* Definition from www.dictionary.com


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